Mobile Luxury Camps, Tanzania Luxury Camping Safaris

Chelsea Tours and Tours organize specialized mobile luxury camping expeditions inside various national parks and game reserves in Tanzania for your personal intimate travel experience.

Mobile luxury camping is a totally different experience from the other camping models based travels. We drive to a predetermined camp area where your camp is established by your personalized team of staff including chef and guide. An armed ranger also escorts all mobile camping components.

All mobile tents have their own toilet and shower attached to the platform and sheltered from any unwanted visitors.

The night bush choruses of the bush life seems incredibly close to you and as you get off from sleep it is closely vivid and easy to imagine that you are back in the days of the earliest explorers.

Guided foot travels from your mobile camp offer a truly personal Chelsea Tours and Tours experience

The camps are based in the remote Tanzania world’s accredited natural heritage sites like Ngorongoro crater, Serengeti national park, Selous Game Reserve and many other sites.